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Opelance Realtor
The team has embedded the company values of:

What We Do

The Opulence Realtor team has been involved with Property & Facilities Management the last 20 years. The team has proven their ability in managing properties from cradle to grave. We understand property risk matrixes and the mitigation thereof.

Opulence Realtor has a Strong Sales Team, that is experience in marketing and finding the right marketing strategy for your property. We embrace all types of marketing mediums and are constantly seeking new marketing trends to ensure we give our clients properties maximum exposure.

The Opulence team has vast experience with Property Condition Assessment and has proven their ability in doing property condition assessment on residential and commercial level. They team has assessed more that 30 000 different classification properties over the last 20 years. This included assessments for private owners to listed company’s property port folios.

Within the Opulence Realtor team there is Registered Professional Project Managers, that has proven their ability over time. They have been working as project managers within the property industry the last 15 years. Projects that was successfully manage range from residential to listed company projects undertaken within the property sector.

The Opulence team has also in-house capabilities to assist client’s individual or commercially in the Management of Council Matters. We have been involved with council matters in all our property conduct over the last ten years and has established a productive network with councils on a National level.

About Us

Opulence Realtor was established by property sector professionals that identified a need for a multi-disciplinary property company. This give our clients the easy of total objective management for all their property needs with one team of professionals.
Every-one involved with Opulence Realtor has proven track records within the property industry, ranging from sales, property management, facilities management, condition assessments, project management and property portfolio strategies.
The team has embedded the company values of:
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration

Our Services

Our Services includes:
Area property trends and pricing;
Property marketing strategy;
Property buyer type fit;
Sale contract management;
Clearance application management;
Assistance with conveyancing attorney;
First time buyer education;
Property portfolio investment management.

Property and Facility Management

Our Services include:
Listing to leasing management;
Tenant risk management, finding the right fit;
Rental management;
Rental arrears management;
Lease management;
Financial services management;
Water & Electricity management;
Contact management

Condition Assessment

Our service includes:
Physical structure condition assessment;
Plumbing assessment;
Electrical assessment;
Bulk service infrastructure assessment;
Health and Safety compliance assessment;
Environmental management compliance assessment;
Condition assessment reporting management.
Property gap analysis and corrective strategy management;
Assessments for prospective property investors.

Assistance with Council Matters

Our service includes:
Opening and closing of accounts;
Account quarries;
Clearance application management;
Zoning management;
Pre-paid metering management;
Obtain of building plans;
Monthly statement management.

Find Us

We are situated in Pretoria.

875 Adriaan Street
Rietvlei View Country Estate
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Our Office Hours:

Working hours:
Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM
Saturday - per appointment
Sunday - per appointment

875 Adriaan str
Rietvlei View Country Estate. Pretoria
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